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March 07, 2007



I would like to be able to login to something I see what I chose when I filled out the aldertrack challenge. That was 54 election results ago, and I have forgotten most of my choices.

alberto bocanegra

First and foremost I want to thank anyone who voted I am disappointed because of the low voter turnout. I want to urge people to come out and vote for reform candidates. I also want to thank the person who made this blog it was kick ass well you haven't heard the last of me thank you and may go show the light of good to this corrupted alderman if not I will be on there ass thank you and god bless!

Hector Villagrana

We had an "aldertrack" correspondent in our 26th ward campaign office and at our victory party and Im interested in her views. Where will we see that?

oust the machine

firstly, that pro-danny solis tidbit you posted just below is gross, though i like its ideological honesty.

second, big ups to bocanegra and all independent progressives who ran against high-powered machine cronies.

and third, keep the comments part open! you have a lot of people checking out this site, so you should let the dialogues loom large


I've been trying to thank you for creating this sit for some time now and it didn't seem to work. I hope this will lead to a promising career for you all!
Thank you again


Danny Solis didnt get over 50%.

He received 51% only after they throw away the early votes for Medrano.

They also threw out votes of people who voted for Medrano on Election Day!

If adding those votes. Solis got under 50%. Keep in mind 6 candidates were all anti-gentrification. To say only the approx 22% Morfin got is the ONLY anti-gentrification votes is far from the TRUTH! It's about split!

Let's also keep in mind many people who planned on voting for Medrano just plan boycotted the election out of disgust that they pulled his name out of the election the Friday before Election day. Throwing away people's votes without allowing them to recast those votes.

So much for protecting the voter's voices!

I was a pollwatcher in the last aldermanic elections and witnessed something unusual. I noticed alot of people had moved, as indicated on the poll sheet I had. What I didn't know was that, according to the election judge, a person can still vote in the old ward if they moved within a month. I also spoke to a woman who indicated that she had moved and that an alderman had sent her a letter indicating to come back and vote for him and to state that she had moved within that time frame. How can this be? And how does this work in early voting? I mean there wasn't anyone there to object to someone who came in that had moved. Is this how elections are won?

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