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April 24, 2007



Jesus H Christ. We don't need any more strip malls on Elston!

And as an aside, if the Chicago Police want to make some money for the city coffers, they can just park a cop on Clybourn between North and Fullerton and hand out tickets to assholes driving while on their cell phone. About 20% of the cars on that section of Clybourn are on their phones and not paying any attention to their driving.


Oh, and METROBOT needs to update their site badly.

Cub Foods is gone.
TCF Bank is gone.
Ace Hardware is LONG gone.

There was a Whole Foods there? Not that I remember - that's a Staples now.

Edward Don is gone.

Grant's Appliances is a big retailer near Micro Center.

I'm not sure, but I think Brandon Importing is gone.

What do they do, update this once every 5 years?

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