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May 15, 2007



I love your site, but none of these properties are in Avondale. Avondale starts at 2800N, and 90/94 is the eastern boundary.


The neighborhood boundaries used to reference agenda items come from the City of Chicago.


While the Community Area boundaries do, in fact, include Diversey to the south, the river to the east, Addison to the north and Pulaski/RR Tracks to the west, the geographic areas used here are neighborhood boundaries.

Avondale, the neighborhood (according to the City), doesn't include the area north of Diversey and south of Belmont; that neighborhood is referred to as Logan Square here.


I just took a look at that map and don't see any quote-unquote neighborhood names at all - even the Chicago neighborhoods map has the community area borders.

I wish you'd reconsider this, I have never seen Avondale as anything but Diversey to Addison, my concern is people are going to miss updates because they aren't expecting anything north of Diversey to be in Logan Square.

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