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May 14, 2007


Dr Ayo Maat, Paratransit Rider, Disability and Transit Advocate

With Transit eugenics rampant in Chicago through PACE, why has the City Council not stepped in to call their own hearing with paratransit riders and helped them through MOPD too acquire funds to set up their own affordable van pool or paratransit carrier?

Transit eugenics include state-sponsored or state-condoned discrimination, segregation, isolation, fear tactics, and unfair or unaffordable fares that breed selective riders.

Members of IMPRUVE, BNICEH or Rider Driver Alliance need 50% matching funds to apply for New Freedom funds through the federal government by March 20, 2008.

Most paratransit riders can no longer afford a monthly ADA pass now that PACE has increased fare 100% from $75 to $ 150.

PACE operates a city operation without having a public office in Chicago.

Most Riders live on southside Chicago and have fixed incomes.

The governor, state legislature,RTA,and PACE have abandoned them. What of the City of Chicago and City Council, and Cook County Board?

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